Monday, January 25, 2010

G Deadliest Hacking

Hacking at extreme conditions

Hi everybody, I am Gajanand Jha, I have done some research on ethical hacking and desktop security for last couple of years. Now i have just summarized the whole thing some some series of lectures. Hope you will like it. If you are interested in these Hacking techniques then, just download these lectures and watch them and understand them. These lectures are in the highest resolution (1200x800).

The lectures are as follows:

1. How to use a Proxy server. download (63.3 MB)

2. How to block a website in windows and in Linux. download (80.9 MB)

3. How to download any available video on net in Windows and Linux. download (102.6 MB)

4. How to recognize any one by watching only his/her picture. download (42.4 MB)